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HD-R320T LED Receiving Card

HD-R320T LED Receiving Card

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Huidu HD-R320T LED Receiving Card

The R320T receiving card is tailored for fine pixel pitch LED screens, offering a robust load capacity of 256x512 pixels. Versatile in use, it seamlessly integrates with both asynchronous and synchronous controllers, as well as all-in-one video processors, making it an ideal choice for high-resolution LED displays.


  1. The R320T features 8 integrated HUB320 interfaces for easy connectivity.
  2. Compatible with both conventional chips and mainstream PWM chips.
  3. Supports static modules and a wide range of scan modes, from 2 to 64 scans.
  4. Offers flexibility with data group exchange and offset settings for tailored display control.
  5. Provides intelligent configuration options, enhancing setup and design capabilities.
  6. Enables multi-card cascading and customizable sorting for complex screen setups.
  7. Optimally designed for loads ranging from 128x512 to 128x768 pixels.