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HD-M21 LCD Smart Motherboard

HD-M21 LCD Smart Motherboard

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LCD Smart Motherboard HD-M21

The M21 smart motherboard is innovatively designed for LCD displays, offering Internet remote cluster control capabilities. Ideal for managing LCD advertising screens in diverse high-traffic locations such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, train stations, and banks, it ensures seamless and unified management with LED displays. This makes the M21 an essential tool for effective and centralized digital advertising strategies.


  1. The RK3288 chip features a high-performance quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 architecture, reaching up to 1.8GHz, significantly surpassing common single, dual, and quad-core solutions in the market.
  2. Enhanced with unique technology for high stability, this Android integrated board ensures reliable 24/7 unattended operation.
  3. Boasts high integration, combining Ethernet, EDP, Wi-Fi, a power amplifier, TF card, USB ports, IR remote control, HDMI, LVDS, and more into one compact board.
  4. Offers extensive scalability with six USB expansion ports, multiple serial ports, and five IO expansion ports for a wide range of peripheral devices.
  5. Supports high-definition displays across various LVDS, EDP, and HDMI interfaces, compatible with screens of multiple sizes and resolutions.
  6. Fully compatible with multiple mainstream touch screen technologies, including multi-point infrared, capacitive, nano film, acoustic wave, and optical touch.