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HD-E64 Single-dual Color Network Port Controller

HD-E64 Single-dual Color Network Port Controller

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Single-dual Color Network Port Controller HD-E64

The E64, part of the E-series control card line, offers versatile program updating through both a network port using a network cable and a USB interface for U disk updates. It's a low-cost, cost-effective solution with a simple software interface that's easy to operate. Designed to enhance monochrome displays, the E64 delivers better and richer display effects, suitable for a variety of applications.


  1. Features remote control functionality with simple button adjustments for high-definition LCD displays.
  2. Ideal for replacements or repairs, suitable for those who need to replace or disassemble their display.
  3. Offers easy connectivity with monitors and PCs, enhanced by a multifunctional app suitable for reading or gaming.
  4. Professionally manufactured, ensuring stable characteristics and high reliability.
  5. The display design is simple and elegant, incorporating a technological feel for a visually comfortable experience.
  6. Emphasizes user-friendly operation, blending advanced features with straightforward usability.