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HD-E62 Single-dual Color Network Port Controller

HD-E62 Single-dual Color Network Port Controller

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Single-dual Color Network Port Controller HD-E62

The HD-E62, a notable part of the HD-E-series control cards, offers dual functionality with program updates available through both a network cable and a USB port. This cost-effective solution features a simple and user-friendly software interface, making it easy to operate. It's designed to deliver better and richer display effects, with support for a wide range of monochrome displays, making it a versatile choice for various display needs.


  1. The HD-E62 control card features both Ethernet ports and a U disk controller for versatile program updates.
  2. Offers real-time preview capabilities with overlapping partition areas for dynamic display management.
  3. Supports up to 32 gray levels and allows for partitioned backgrounds, enhancing display complexity.
  4. Includes time functions with timed cycles and smart settings, plus convenient LAN control for practical use.
  5. Provides multiple connectivity options between networks, including WAN and LAN, and supports various scanning methods for temperature, humidity, and brightness sensors.
  6. No need for IP settings with an easy-to-operate software interface, and dual data transfer modes via U disk and network cable, ensuring efficient and user-friendly operation.