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HD-D16 Full-Color Banner Screen Control Card

HD-D16 Full-Color Banner Screen Control Card

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Full Color Control Card HD-D16

The HD-D16 is a compact video control card specifically designed for full-color LED screens. It boasts a maximum load capacity of 65,536 pixels, with the ability to support widths up to 1024 pixels and heights up to 256 pixels. The card includes a built-in Wi-Fi module for convenient mobile app wireless management. Additionally, it offers an optional 4G module for internet-based remote cluster control. This versatility makes the HD-D16 extensively suitable for applications such as lintel LED screens, car screens, and other small-sized full-color LED screens.


The HD-D16 is a video control card with a standard Wi-Fi module and mobile app management. It supports 256 to 65,536 grayscale levels and displays videos, pictures, animations, clocks, and neon backgrounds. Features include word art, animated backgrounds, neon effects, and U-disk expansion for easy broadcasting. It automatically identifies the controller ID, supports 4G/Wi-Fi network cluster management, and can decode 720P video at a 60HZ frame rate.