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HD-B6 Advertising Machine Special Controller

HD-B6 Advertising Machine Special Controller

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Advertising Machine Special Controller HD-B6

The HD-B6 is a versatile four-in-one player that combines synchronous playback, asynchronous playback, and video zooming capabilities typically found in U-disk playback boxes. Key features of this device include:

  • Support for up to 1.3 million pixel points.
  • An onboard storage space of 8GB.
  • A standard Wi-Fi module for wireless connectivity.
  • Support for HDMI splicing display, allowing for the creation of larger, integrated visual experiences.


  1. HDMI splicing control with support for up to 2.3 million pixels.
  2. HDMI signal input for synchronous playback.
  3. Onboard 8GB storage, with the option to expand using a U disk.
  4. Capability for HD video hard decoding and 60Hz frame rate output.
  5. An onboard Wi-Fi module for content updates via mobile app.
  6. Independent play feature allowing each advertising machine to operate separately without interference.
  7. Easy splicing and playback through HDMI connection, enabling automatic splicing of multiple advertising machines without the need for special settings.