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HD-A6L LED Display Multimedia Player

HD-A6L LED Display Multimedia Player

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LED controller HD-A6L

The second generation Asynch & Synch PlayerControl supports resolutions of 2048x1024, scaling up to a maximum of 3840 pixels in width and 4096 pixels in height. This device is equipped for hard video decoding with a 60Hz output. It features Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app management. Optional 3G/4G connectivity is available for remote cluster control.



The device boasts a 1 Gigabit communication network port for efficient parameter debugging and expedited program transmission. It features a single HDMI IN input, capable of auto-zoom for synchronous images and supports both synchronous and asynchronous picture-in-picture capabilities. It also includes one HDMI LOOP IN interface for any resolution synchronous image, enabling splicing and cascading functions. Additionally, the system accommodates 1 USB2.0 (with custom OTG/USB mode) and 1 USB3.0 interface for program insertion and storage expansion. It supports two sensor input channels, compatible with various environmental monitoring sensors


Equipped with four standard Gigabit output network ports, the system allows direct cascading with HD-R series receiving cards for display control. Its control range peaks at 2.6 million pixels, with a maximum width support of 16384 pixels and height support up to 4096 pixels. The device includes a single channel TRS 3.5mm standard two-channel audio output and an HDMI signal output, useful for data sourcing or screen monitoring via HDMI inputs.


The device operates on standard 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, facilitating mobile app wireless control (including STA mode for connection to nearby Wi-Fi networks). It supports HDMI splicing, ideal for LED advertising screens in multi-screen splicing playback. Capable of multi-channel video window playback, it supports up to 2-channel 4K, 6-channel 1080P, 10-channel 720P, or 20-channel 360P. It features seamless synchronous and asynchronous playback switching, and offers optional 4G/5G access to the Xiaohui Cloud platform for Internet-based remote cluster management. The system is also compatible with wireless projection from mobile phones, tablets, and computers.