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HD-A3L LED Display Multimedia Player

HD-A3L LED Display Multimedia Player

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LED controller HD-A3L

The HD-A3L is a versatile LED display multimedia player, designed to support a wide array of content formats. It is capable of playing videos, pictures, GIF animations, text, WPS documents, tables, clocks, and timed programs, among others. This player is ideal for a range of applications, from digital signage to educational and entertainment displays, thanks to its ability to handle diverse multimedia content seamlessly.



The device features a communication network port designed for efficient parameter debugging and enhanced speed in program transmission. It includes interfaces for one channel USB2.0 and one channel USB3.0, which are useful for inserting programs and expanding storage capacity. Additionally, the system supports one sensor input channel, allowing it to connect to a variety of environmental monitoring sensors.


Equipped with a standard 1 Gigabit output network port, this device can be directly cascaded with HD-R series receiving cards for display control. It offers a maximum control range of 655,360 pixels, with up to 8192 pixels in horizontal (discounted) support and 3840 pixels in vertical support. The system also includes a single channel TRS 3.5mm standard two-channel audio output.


The device operates on standard Wi-Fi and supports mobile phone app wireless control, including STA mode for connecting to nearby Wi-Fi networks. It is capable of multi-channel video window playback, supporting configurations such as 1-channel 4K, 2-channel 1080P, 4-channel 720P, or 6-channel 360P. Furthermore, it offers optional 4G connectivity for accessing the XiaoHui Cloud platform, enabling internet-based remote cluster management.