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GS061 Light sensor

GS061 Light sensor

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Kystar GS061 Light sensor

The GS061 Light Sensor is your go-to solution for adaptive display brightness. Engineered to monitor ambient light, it automatically adjusts your screen's brightness to match environmental conditions. This ensures optimal viewing experiences while promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. Experience seamless integration for displays that look great in any lighting.


  1. Enables automatic screen brightness adjustment by monitoring ambient light, ensuring optimal display clarity.
  2. Direct connection to the sending card for brightness control, simplifying setup and integration.
  3. Compatible with multi-function cards through one of four expansion ports for flexible installation options.
  4. Includes a standard 5m cable, extendable up to 100 meters, for versatile positioning and setup.
  5. Operates without an external power source, enhancing convenience and reducing clutter.
  6. Designed for outdoor use with three levels of protection, ensuring durability and compliance with EU RoHS standards for environmental safety.