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G608 LED Receiving Card

G608 LED Receiving Card

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Kystar Gold Card G608 LED Receiving Card

Embrace unparalleled visual clarity with the G608 receiving card from Kystar's Gold Card series, a pivotal element in LED large screen control systems. This card, crafted using cutting-edge design technology and adhering to global standards, works seamlessly with transmitting cards to decode and transform data into module control signals. Featuring revolutionary color transformation technology, the G608 enriches skin tones with lifelike realism, while its exclusive frequency multiplication technology ensures a flawless display, free from scanning lines, even when captured on mobile phones.


  1. Supports 16 interfaces, outputting 32 RGB data sets, compatible with various chips.
  2. Unique technology eliminates scanning lines in mobile captures and enhances skin tone realism.
  3. High grayscale and refresh rates at low brightness, correcting common display issues.
  4. Enables precise, point-by-point brightness and chromaticity adjustments for superior image quality.
  5. Simplifies maintenance with one-click card replacement and real-time network monitoring.
  6. Facilitates creative display configurations with any-point extraction and safeguards against program corruption.