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F1 indoor high brightness advertising player

F1 indoor high brightness advertising player

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Kensun F1 indoor LED display is specifically designed for indoor advertising, it can be either mounted on the wall, hung behind the glass of shop window or  just stand on the ground. F1 featuring high brightness of 5500 nits, and refresh rate of 3840, every pixel can be perfectly delivered regardless of outdoor brightness. F1 also offers customized services including size, installation and frame to meet your requirements.

1. High brightness and refresh rate. With maximum brightness reaching up to 5500 nits and refresh rate up to 3840Hz, F1 player delivers every pixel perfectly regardless of outdoor environment, more eye-catching, comfortable, readable.

2. CNC processed cabinet. CNC processed cabinet, the assembly flatness of each two neighbouring module are precisely controlled to be less than 0.1 mm. Perfect flatness result in stunning visual experience.

3. Front and rear access. All components inside t he player are accessible either from front or back, making service more effortless.

4. Three installation options. Kensun F1 indoor display player featuring a compact architecture, with thickness measures only 65mm, and offering 3 installations-standing, wall mounting, and hung-to meet your installation environments the best.

5. Highly customizable. Kensun F1 indoor display offers highly customized screen size to meet your installation environments the best, and you are free to choose your player with or without frame, with or without handle.

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