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KS606 LED Screen Sending-Cards Box

KS606 LED Screen Sending-Cards Box

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Kystar KS606 LED Screen Sending-Cards Box

Elevate your LED display setup with the KYstar KS606 Large LED Screen Sending Box. This pivotal device acts as a centralized management hub for sending cards, streamlining both power and signal oversight. Designed as an independent unit, it ensures seamless operation of multiple sending cards in adherence to international standards. The KS606 is the perfect companion for enhancing large LED screen installations, offering unparalleled control and efficiency.


1. The KYstar KS606 Large LED Screen Sending Box streamlines management of power and signals for multiple sending cards.

2. Designed as an independent management unit, it ensures smooth operation in compliance with international standards.

3. Supports independent power supply for up to six small sending cards, enhancing system reliability.

4. Housed in a 1.5U chassis, it offers easy and convenient installation.

5. Tailored for large LED screen setups, it simplifies complex system configurations.

6. Optimizes LED display management, making it an essential tool for any large-scale display project.