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ES4 4 LAN Ports Sending Card

ES4 4 LAN Ports Sending Card

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Kystar ES4 Sending Card

The KYSTAR ES4 Sending Card is a pivotal component in the main control system of LED displays, seamlessly converting data from computers and other devices into network signals for distribution. Crafted with leading industry technology and adhering to international and industrial standards, it ensures high performance and reliability. Featuring an independent power supply and front panel status indicators, the ES4 offers convenience and enhanced safety for users, making it an ideal solution for professional LED display setups.


  1. The KYSTAR ES4 features four network ports, supporting up to 2.6 million pixels for wide and high-resolution display screens up to 4000x2000 pixels.
  2. Integrates stereo audio input, compatible with multi-function cards for seamless audio transmission.
  3. Includes an ambient brightness sensor, enabling automatic adjustment of display brightness to match environmental conditions.
  4. Offers data readback and repair functions, allowing easy recovery of configuration parameters without needing reconfiguration after card replacement.
  5. Enables configuration retransmission for quick system repairs, ensuring operational continuity with minimal downtime.