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ES2-BOX Sending Card in Box

ES2-BOX Sending Card in Box

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Kystar ES2-BOX Sending Card in Box

The Kystar ES2BOX, a standout in audio-visual signal transmission technology, combines high quality with advanced features to offer more than just superior broadcasting; it's a comprehensive solution for communication systems. Built with an eye for detail, every connector is crafted from high-standard gold-plated components, ensuring reliability and stable signal transmission. Its smart design also provides power protection, guaranteeing true hardware stability for a seamless transmission experience.


  1. Supports EDID management for flexible display control.
  2. Ensures stable connectivity with Ethernet failover backup.
  3. Processes up to 1.31 million pixels for high-resolution displays.
  4. Auto-adjusts screen brightness using sensor data for optimal viewing.
  5. Transmits stereo audio, compatible with multifunction cards.
  6. Simplifies system recovery with easy configuration resend to new receiving cards.