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ES16 18 LAN Ports Sending Card

ES16 18 LAN Ports Sending Card

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Kystar ES16 Sending Card

The ES16 Transmitter Card from Kystar, an essential component of the LED control system, efficiently converts data from computers and devices into network signals for the receiving card. Employing advanced design technology, the ES16 meets international standards, ensuring seamless data transmission for superior LED display performance. Ideal for integrating into any LED setup, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for digital signal processing.


  1. ES16 boasts 16 network ports for a 10 million pixel load, supporting ultra-high resolutions.
  2. Features true 4K inputs with customizable resolutions for unparalleled clarity.
  3. One-button switch between 2D and 3D modes to accommodate different content types.
  4. Utilizes Kystar Frame Synchronization for flawless multi-device, frame-accurate displays.
  5. Employs SDR to HDR optimization for enhanced video contrast and HDR-like quality.
  6. Includes four DVI inputs for comprehensive 4K@60Hz display through combined custom resolutions.