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E320 LED Receiving Card

E320 LED Receiving Card

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Colorlight E320 LED Receiving Card

The Colorlight E320 receiving card is a highly cost-effective solution from Colorlight, specifically engineered to reduce expenses and minimize the likelihood of faults and failures. Capable of handling up to 256×1024 pixels on a single card, it supports up to 32 groups of both parallel and serial data. Leveraging the technical strengths of traditional receiving cards, the E320 offers reliable performance and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for customers seeking quality and value in their display setups.


1. The E320 can integrate with HUB75 interfaces, offering a more reliable and economical solution without compromising high-quality display performance.

2. Compatible with various chip types, including Normal chips, PWM chips, and Shixin chips, enhancing versatility.

3. Supports a wide range of display modules, accommodating Normal, PWM, and Shixin chips up to 1/128 scale within 13312 pixels, with flexible routing options.

4. Offers 32 groups of parallel RGB full-color data and 32 groups of serial RGB data, expandable to 128 groups, with the freedom to interchange data groups.

5. Features data folding capabilities for different chips, with Normal chips folding 2-8 fold horizontally/2-4 fold vertically, and PWM and Shixin chips folding 2-8 fold either way.

6. Includes a monitoring function to track total and error data packets, providing valuable insights into network quality and performance.