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X4S Two-in-one LED Video Processor

X4S Two-in-one LED Video Processor

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Colorlight X4S LED Video Processor

The X4s is a high-performance LED display controller supporting HD digital signals up to 1920×1200 resolution. It features HDMI and DVI ports with seamless switching, and versatile video scaling and cropping. With 4 gigabit Ethernet outputs, it handles displays up to 4096x2560 pixels, offering flexible control and superior image quality, ideal for small LED displays.


1. The X4s features two Class 2 video input interfaces, including 1 HDMI and 2 DVI, accommodating a wide range of signal sources.

2. Supports input resolutions up to 1920*1200@60Hz, with customizable resolution settings.

3. Boasts a video output carrying capacity of 2.6 million pixels, handling screen widths up to 4096 dots and heights up to 2560 dots.

4. Allows for arbitrary switching, scaling, and cropping of video sources, along with screen shifting capabilities.

5. Equipped with dual USB2.0 interfaces for high-speed computer debugging and easy cascading between controllers.

6. Features adjustments for brightness and color temperature, supports low light and high grey levels, HDCP1.1, and is compatible with the full range of Colorlight receiver cards, multifunction cards, and fiber optic transceivers.