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B1 indoor LED curved and flexible display

B1 indoor LED curved and flexible display

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Kensun B1 indoor curve LED display is developed based on traditional LED bar but with improved workmanship, it features flexible module structure and wide viewing angle, and can be closely attached to walls with different curvatures. Thanks to its flexibility, B1 extends possibilities that traditional display can provide, curve display can build smooth convex, concave or cylinder display and delivers much different visual experience.

1. 8mm module thickness. B1 curve module features thin design, it measures only 8mm, unlike traditional cabinet, it can attach directly with installation structure, save much more space.

2. 150°-180° curve range. As an indoor curve LED display, B1 module has a specially designed module structure with bending curvature from 150° to 180 °, it able to attach walls with different curvatures and brings amazing visual experience.

3. 140° viewing angle. B1 indoor is designed with wide viewing angle of 140° horizontal and 140° vertical, wider viewing angle comes with better visual experience and readability, even it is a curved LED display. 

4. 18 fixture magnets. Kensun B1 module is equipped with 18 fixture magnets that contains magnetism more than 2000GS, each magnet can be slightly adjusted to make all modules are perfect aligned.

5. Infinite creative possibilities. Curved module extends possibilities of creative display, prevailing creative displays built by curve display including cylinder, spiral, wave, ribbon, artistic modelling and so on.

6. Effortless service. By fixing module on cabinet with magnets, modules can be removed directly effortlessly without any tool, signal and power system can all be serviced from front easily.

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