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A9s LED Receiving Card

A9s LED Receiving Card

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NovaStar A9s LED Receiving Card

The NovaStar A9S is a high-end receiving card designed for large LED display screens, distinguished by its compact size and impressive loading capacity. Capable of handling up to 512×512 pixels with a PWM IC on a single card, it is an ideal solution for efficiently managing high-resolution displays in various settings, from advertising to large-scale events, where both quality and performance are critical.


  1. Features a compact hardware design ideal for applications with limited space and small pixel pitch, including dust-resistant high-density connectors for enhanced stability and reliability.
  2. Integrates a network transformer for simplified design and improved magnetic compatibility, aiding in EMC certification.
  3. Supports LVDS transmission, smart modules, quick seam correction, 3D functionality, and auto module calibration, all enabled by dedicated firmware programs.
  4. Offers a Mapping function, the ability to set pre-stored images on the receiving card, and manages module Flash, ensuring flexible and efficient display control.
  5. Enables voltage and temperature monitoring of the card without additional peripherals, and supports monitoring of Ethernet cable communication status.
  6. Features support for a 5-pin LCD module and allows for image rotation in 90° increments, adding to its versatility in various display configurations.