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A6000 LED Video Processor

A6000 LED Video Processor

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VDWall A6000 4K LED Display Video Processor

Elevate your viewing experience with the A6000 Real 4K Display, engineered for impeccable clarity on small-pitch LED screens, LCD walls, and projector splicings. Tailored for high-end venues like stage performances, exhibitions, conventions, auditoriums, and control centers, the A6000 delivers unparalleled detail and color precision. Transform any event or space into a visually stunning masterpiece, ensuring your message is not just seen but felt. Perfect for advertising, worship, education, and beyond, the A6000 is your key to captivating presentations and immersive displays.


1. Supports 12 inputs, including 6 UHD @ 4K2K_60Hz, with HDMI2.0 and DP1.2, ensuring seamless integration of various definition sources.

2. Features 4k multi-window processing for up to 4 windows and 6 images, with random zoom, overlay display, and seamless transitions.

3. Enables precise image adjustments and frame identification across layers, with 16 preset display modes for effortless switching.

4. Offers up to 8 DVI outputs for synchronized split-screen up to 8K*2K resolution, with adaptive calculation for seamless splicing.

5. Allows for user-defined output resolution, maximizing efficiency with wide-ranging pixel width and height customization.

6. Ideal for real 4K display across small-pitch LED screens, LCD walls, and projector splicing, catering to high-end venues and events.