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A100 Networked LED Media Player

A100 Networked LED Media Player

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Colorlight A100 Networked LED Media Player

The Colorlight A100 is a cutting-edge cloud networking player designed to support both synchronous display and asynchronous playback. With a resolution capability of 1920*1200, it offers flexible management options through WiFi, Wired, and 4G connectivity, making it a versatile solution for diverse display needs.


1. Offers a loading capacity of 1-3 million pixels, supporting a maximum width of 4096 pixels or height of 2560 pixels.

2. Features HDMI support up to 1920x1200@60Hz for high-definition displays.

3. Provides both synchronous display and asynchronous playback with mode priority settings.

4. Delivers strong processing performance with 4K H.265/H.264 hard decoding and 4K VP9 decoding playback capabilities.

5. Includes 8GB of storage with 4GB available for user content.

6. Fully compatible with conventional synchronous control systems for seamless program management and display configuration.