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960x960 Outdoor A2 (LED Cabinet Only)

960x960 Outdoor A2 (LED Cabinet Only)

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2 years

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Compact and Efficient Design

The A2 series boasts a slim, 10cm-thick profile and weighs only 42kg, optimizing both space and ease of installation. Crafted with a robust, anti-erosion cabinet, it’s built to last while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Easy Maintenance Access

Maintenance is a breeze with the A2’s rear access design. Equipped with a hexagonal screwdriver, modules can be quickly removed from the cabinet, allowing easy upkeep of all components including power supplies, receivers, and cables from both the front and rear.

Durable in Any Environment

Designed for versatility, the A2 features an IP65 rating, ensuring protection against the elements, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor settings. This model simplifies service needs with convenient front and rear access, and it requires no additional framing unless specified.

Superior Screen Flatness

The A2’s innovative screwless module structure and new plastic cover mold ensure minimal gaps and enhanced screen flatness, resulting in superior image quality and an improved viewing experience.

Multiple Resolution Options

Tailor your viewing experience with four available pixel pitches—4.81mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, and 10mm. Each option ensures a minimum brightness of 5500 nits, meeting diverse requirements for viewing distance and resolution in outdoor advertising.


Module size: 320x320, 320x160, 192x192 can be customized. Outdoor waterproof, iron box with aviation latch.