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88:88 LED Timing System

88:88 LED Timing System

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Easy control system

The indoor/outdoor single-color LED time sign comes in a 15-inch screen size, measuring 1220mm x 480mm, and is housed in a sturdy case design. It can be used indoors as a non-waterproof option or outdoors with waterproof features. The time can be easily changed using a remote controller within a 100-meter range.

Advanced GPS technology

The 88:88 LED Timing System integrates cutting-edge GPS technology to ensure precise and accurate timekeeping. This feature guarantees that the displayed time remains consistently accurate, eliminating the need for manual adjustments due to daylight saving time or other external factors.

Synchronized multi-clock control

This innovative feature allows multiple 88:88 LED Timing Systems to be connected and synchronized through the GPS function. This capability is especially beneficial for large facilities, campuses, or public spaces where accurate and uniform timekeeping across multiple locations is essential. By utilizing GPS technology, all connected clocks will display the same precise time, ensuring seamless coordination and consistency throughout the entire premises.

High quality and reliability

Our LED timing system is equipped with high-quality chips, pure copper double electric capacitors, and a long service life. The clear fonts and high brightness ensure that there are no flickering issues, and you can be confident in the quality of our product.

Versatile LED screen usage scenarios

The LED sign is perfect for shopping malls, supermarkets, bars, jewelry counters, staff uniforms, companies, exhibitions, nightclubs, cinemas, hotels, and other public places. The LED sign can help attract attention in various settings, and its continuous flashing lights can effectively improve people's visual impact. The system also supports multiple languages.

Flexible installation options

The 88:88 LED Timing System can be installed in various ways, such as built-in, hanging, or mounted on the wall, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

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