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55'' Double Sides Transparent Indoor LCD Screen

55'' Double Sides Transparent Indoor LCD Screen

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55'' Double Sides LCD Digital Signage

1. Front and back double-sided display (supports the same display/different display);

2. High transparent glass body (both technology and fashion sense at the same time);

3. High-definition picture quality display (clear picture, reproducing perfect real details);

4. Ultra-thin hanging design (does not take up space, easily integrates with the environment);

Main features

5. Remote publishing is easier (computers, mobile phones, tablets update and publish at any time, cloud management);

6. Divide as you want. Split-screen display (can display rich content such as videos, pictures, texts and support multiple split-screen playback at the same time);

7. Wide viewing angle and quasi-chromatic aberration (upper, lower, left and right effects are the same without deviation, and the color is not distorted);

8. Time-sharing display, timing switch machine (supporting the definition of program playback and equipment switch-on time by time period);

9. Light and thin 2cm industrial design concept (surface tempered glass 2cm light and thin machine thickness, subverting traditional industry);

10. Sound of nature and pictures are beautiful and moving (built-in shocking sound, matched with water and flower advertising clips, enjoy extraordinary audio and visual effects);

11. Support U disk publishing program (automatically identify U disk content and play actively);