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135" Indoor HD Full Colour COB All-in-one LED Dispaly

135" Indoor HD Full Colour COB All-in-one LED Dispaly

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All-in-One TV: Beyond Clarity

Dive into a world of unprecedented detail with our All-in-One TV, powered by the cutting-edge Mini COB technology. Featuring a revolutionary 10000:1 contrast ratio, the profound depths of darkness and the dazzling lights intertwine in your living space, delivering a viewing experience that touches the soul.

3-in-1 Integration

Our 3-in-1 Integrated System, combining Power Supply, Control System, and Hub Card into a single, streamlined unit. This innovation not only significantly reduces the overall weight of our screens, making installation and handling a breeze but also ensures unparalleled stability during operation. Experience the future of seamless display performance with a system designed for supreme efficiency and reliability.

Stunning HDR Picture Quality

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of HDR picture quality, where every frame is a masterpiece of clarity, color, and contrast. Our screens bring to life the most vivid and detailed visuals, offering an unparalleled viewing experience that captures the essence of realism. Elevate your visual journey with HDR technology that sets new standards for excellence.

Seamless Front Maintenance for All-in-One TV

Our All-in-One TV revolutionizes maintenance with its cutting-edge, hot-swappable front LED modules. Easily replace any module using the included electric vacuum suction tool, enabling quick, effortless updates by anyone, anytime.

Energy-Efficient: Common Cathode Circuit Design

Step into the era of sustainability with our screens featuring the common cathode circuit, optimized for low power consumption. This advanced design significantly reduces energy usage without compromising on performance, offering an eco-friendly solution for modern display needs. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and environmental consciousness with our energy-saving technology.

Flexible Mounting for All-in-One TV

The All-in-One TV offers unparalleled versatility with its multiple installation options. Whether you're looking for the mobility and convenience of a portable bracket installation or the sleek, space-saving appeal of wall-mounted setup, this TV caters to your specific needs and space requirements. Perfect for any setting, it seamlessly integrates into your environment, enhancing your viewing experience with both functionality and style.

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Versatile All-in-One Display

The All-in-One display is the epitome of versatility, perfectly suited for an array of environments including exhibition halls, small meeting rooms, trade shows, and retail window displays. Its adaptability extends to the home, serving as an exceptional television choice for families seeking premium entertainment. Experience unparalleled flexibility with a display designed to excel in any setting, bringing superior quality visuals to every context.

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Optional Components

  • PC: $830
  • IR Frame: $246
  • Projector: $110
  • Pickup adaptor: $198
  • Camera: $365

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